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About Us
"Right Person on the Right Assignment"

N-Focus was established in 2002 as a land planning firm to provide consultation to clients interacting with local governments in high-end development projects.  By 2007 N-Focus, LLC was replaced by N-Focus, Inc., and ultimately committed exclusively to North Carolina local governments in 2009.  Since 2009 our emphasis has been on municipal planning, public administration & code enforcement activities.


To remain true to an original goal set in the 80's, of fulfilling the needs of smaller communities, N-Focus has served municipalities ranging in population from under 400 to 60,000 and county governments from under 50,000 to over 200,000 providing the most appropriate, relevant, compliant, & comprehensive planning products. Recruiting efforts to expand from 5 employees in mid-2009 to over 20 in 2017 exemplifies the validity of the firm’s commitment to public service and the calculated approach to our own corporate growth.


N-Focus supports local governments by providing personnel with specialized talents to function on a flexible, part-time, temporary basis to lead, guide, or assist departmental staff in their efforts to provide effective & efficient public service to benefit its citizens, businesses, and those investing in their communities.  Whether the need involves growth and development or the changing demands that confront communities across the state, N-Focus has the resources. 


N-Focus selects a limited number of special projects (i.e: Comprehensive Land Use Plans & UDOs), each year to enable a focused approach; and customarily performs all UDO work without the use of sub-contractors.  Should a project require graphic design not available through the client resources, we may elect to utilize the services of one of our retired former employees as an independent sub-contractor.


Our Mission Statement: “N-Focus is committed to serve the public, to help local governments do their best at local government, and to provide the client jurisdiction with affordable experience and a sense of confidence in our company's capability through the employment of qualified individuals who share a common goal and motivation.”  N-Focus employees are expected to make every effort to serve the client and its citizens with this mission in mind.



This information presents our firm and the unique nature of N-Focus in the public service arena.  I welcome you to the innovation present in our firm and hope you will find our services useful to you as a community leader and to the citizens your organization serves.


-F. Richard Flowe, AICP 

 President & CEO

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