Public Administration

Urban Design

Across the country, small and medium size towns, cities and counties are seeking cost-saving ways to fulfill the needs for local government services without increasing cost. N•Focus provides part-time and flexible staff to jurisdictions with simple solutions to meet both everyday needs and unique challenges.

The staff in smaller jurisdictions must be very diverse in their training and level of experience in handling complex issues while addressing both persistent and new challenges every day. These demands often lead to turnover among small jurisdictions and losses of talent just when the staff begins to become effective.

The solution comes from people who have experience in public service and the expertise to craft and implement local policies - abilities that set N•Focus staff apart from consultants. We call our services the "elastic city hall." This approach is simple to understand, yet new to many jurisdictions. It began in 1986 as a response to the demand for professionals in planning and related duties serving municipalities and counties in the Carolinas.

The elastic staff model is built to provide the "right person on the right assignment." This approach assures that a smaller community has access to personnel experienced in the widest variety of local government issues, techniques, and solutions. A local government can set an annual budget for the right level of service desired and then receive the local planning, public works, code enforcement, GIS/IT or related staff tailored for the jurisdiction.